My name is Nettie and I’m delighted you came to visit.

I’m a Glaswegian writer with Fibromyalgia. I’ve written ever since I was a wee girl who believed that her parents left her behind on a scouting message to Earth. My writing is dark and humorous – I want to scare you and get you to laugh about it! I’m a happy victim of “ooh, shiny!” syndrome. I flit between interests and hobbies like a butterfly with ADHD. Right now I’m into art in a big way, but I also cross stitch, take photos, knit. And of course, I read. A lot. Most days are a challengebecause of fibro pain and exhaustion. I blog aboutmy experiences with fibro in Fibro Friday and I’m always happy to connect with my fellow Fibronauts. I blog about writing, Glasgow, the 70s, my mum, andanything else that gets my dander up. Please have a look around and see what takes your fancy. And don’t forget to sign up to get a wee email when I post something new. Toodles!

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