Roll up! Roll up! 

Nettie PicMy name is Nettie and I’m delighted you came to visit my own little curious part of the interwebs.

I consider myself to be a writer first and foremost. I have written ever since I was a wee girl and believed I had been left behind by my alien parents on a scouting mission to earth. I have had several short stories and articles published in a variety of magazines and have co-won a crime writing competition, was placed 3rd in the FlashBang Fiction competition and was long listed for the 2011 Words With Jam First Page Competition. I am on the editorial committee for FlashFlood, a journal dedicated to the celebration of flash fiction.

But more than this, I am interested in EVERYTHING*: books, photography, curiosity cabinets, travel, Italy, pirates, circuses (d’uh!), steampunk, the little ice age, quilling, cross stitch, folklore, interior design, serial killers, art, clay craft, paper craft, knitting….. Believe me, I could go on and on.

Some might call me a renaissance woman. Some might call be a dilettante. But I call myself Nettie and I hope you enjoy my site.

(*When I say EVERYTHING I don’t mean sport, wars, right wing politics, Kim Kardashian or marzipan. Seriously, who likes that stuff?)



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