NT01Hello, and thank you for stopping by. Draw up a chair and let me tell you what you’ve let yourself in for.

Why Poodles, Pirates & Prose?

I have two toy poodles, PJ and Isla, who are my furry babies and I make no apologies for that. I love their smarts, their loyalty, the huge personalities stuffed into such tiny bodies. Honestly, if you’re thinking about getting a dog, think poodle.

As for pirates…I don’t really know. I am writing a kid’s book about a pirate but even before that, there is something about the buccaneer and privateer I have always found fascinating. I don’t have a romantic image of them, but I do find their society, code and way of life interesting. Also, Johnny Depp.

And prose? Well, I have written, ever since I was a wee girl and believed I had been left behind by my alien parents on a scouting mission to earth. I have more projects on the go than I care to admit to and one of these days I’ll actually finish more than a short story.

I have had several short stories and articles published in a variety of magazines and have co-won a crime writing competition, was placed 3rd in the FlashBang Fiction competition and was long listed for the 2011 Words With Jam First Page Competition. I am on the editorial committee for FlashFlood, a journal dedicated to the celebration of flash fiction.

I  run Meldrum Media where I develop websites for other writers and offer blogging and social media services and you can also find me selling my wares over at AS Thomson Photography.


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