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You Are What You Eat

This short story was published in Flash Flood Journal several years ago. It is very loosely based on something said in a real life incident. You’ve got to love the internet (and friends who share the weirdness with you).

Trigger warning: this story is very dark, contains bad language, low morals and pigs. Still with me? Good. I hope you enjoy.

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How do you like the new look?

Spring has sprung, the grass is riz

Nettie’s site now looks the biz…

I’m easily bored and my site has had the same look for AGES, so I asked Gary Parkin to help me give it a facelift. And by ‘help me’ i mean he did it. Thanks, Gazza!

To celebrate the new look, I thought I’d share an old story with you all. This is the title story from my short story collection And The Angels Cried and Other Stories. I hope you enjoy!


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A Dark and Stormy Night: The Weather In Fiction

I’m typing this in my armchair, looking out at the snow – it’s a blizzard out there! – and listening to a classical music playlist I have on Spotify. It’s my go-to music for almost everything I write that isn’t novel specific. It also seems apt for the winter weather outside – it lends the cars sliding on the Clyde Tunnel exit a certain grace that they lack in the metal. I can hear the wind howling but normal traffic noise is deadened by the snow. And I’m of a mind to write a horror story. Continue reading “A Dark and Stormy Night: The Weather In Fiction”