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A Dark and Stormy Night: The Weather In Fiction

I’m typing this in my armchair, looking out at the snow – it’s a blizzard out there! – and listening to a classical music playlist I have on Spotify. It’s my go-to music for almost everything I write that isn’t novel specific. It also seems apt for the winter weather outside – it lends the cars sliding on the Clyde Tunnel exit a certain grace that they lack in the metal. I can hear the wind howling but normal traffic noise is deadened by the snow. And I’m of a mind to write a horror story. Continue reading “A Dark and Stormy Night: The Weather In Fiction”

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My Top 5 Scary Movies

Last week I blogged about my top five favourite scary books. This week it’s the turn of the silver screen. I love a good horror movie. There’s nothing to beat going to the cinema and sharing a “jump” with the audience, inevitably followed by a wave of nervous laughter. Although I love the genre, it takes a lot for me to feel really scared and while my choices may not make me afraid to turn the light out, they never fail to leave me with a satisfied smile. Continue reading “My Top 5 Scary Movies”

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My Top 5 Horror Books

Do you like to be scared? Not the oh-my-gawd-there’s-a-madman-with-an-axe-chasing-me-down-the-corridor type of scared, but the ‘safe’ scare of a good horror film or book, the type of scare where the monster stays safely inside the cinema or the pages of your book? I do. While you’d never catch me on a rollercoaster, the thrill ride of literary or filmic horror is something I actively seek out. With this in mind, and in the belief that I’m not alone in this, I thought I’d share with you my top five favourite scary books and films. This post will be about the books and I’ll share my scary movies next week. Continue reading “My Top 5 Horror Books”