Aug 01I call this ‘Blind Panic Aaaaargghhhhh! I’ve got to draw something for #drawingaugust and I haven’t a clue what to do ‘cos I can’t draw or paint and I have no idea why I signed up for this stupid thing in the first place.’

It’s sub-titled Aug 01 2013. Much catchier, don’t you think?

I decided to participate in #drawingaugust because while I am crap at arty stuff, I really really enjoy it and find it very therapeutic. My lack of ability in art is what made me turn to photography: there is so much beauty around us and I wanted to be able to capture it. Don’t get me wrong, photography is an art form in itself and I do find it fulfilling creatively, but….

I find that things look less awful if I use art apps on my iPad, so this is the medium I’ll be using for August. This was drawn using Live Sketch.

Feel free to laugh, feel free to comment – I’m doing this for fun, not because I think I’m any good. But I do hope I’ll be slightly better by the beginning of September.


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