Another Tesco trip, this time with my daughter as well as mum.

Mum: So, will you remember to order one of they nighties from Markies for me?

Me: Yes, Mum. I’ll do it tonight.

Mum: I’ve got loads of pyjamas, but I don’t like them as much. I don’t like feeling anything between my legs in bed at night.

Me & Claire:…


Mum: I need to defrost my fridge. It’s all icy.

Me: You know, mum, that if you put all your frozen stuff in a clean bin bag and then wrap it in your duvet, it’ll help keep it cold so you can get the defrost done and not lose all your food.

Mum: My duvet?

Me: Yes, your duvet. It’ll act like a thermos flask – keep stuff cool or hot.

Mum: But I’ll want to go to bed.

Me & Claire: …


copyright of Annette S Thomson

Claire: Gran, what would you do if I turned into a bee?

Mum: *thinks for a bit* I’d get you out of your bad habits. Hahaha – I bet you didn’t expect that!

Me: *muttering* No, Mum. No one ever expects you or the Spanish Inquisition.

Claire: Gran, what bad habits? Stinging or just being stripy?

Mum: …


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