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Mum asked me to find a knitting pattern for her as she has a lot of yarn in the cupboard. I had a look online and found a great site here where I found some I thought she’d like.

Me: Ok, mum, I’ve found a couple and I’m downloading them now.

Mum: What?

Me: I found patterns online and I’m downloading them onto my computer now.

Mum: *puzzled face* Really? And I’ll have them to knit?

Me: Yes, mum.

Mum: Do they come out the side of the computer? It’s an awful wee thing to have a knitting pattern inside it.

Me: No, I print it out in my study, on the printer.

Mum: How does it get in the printer then?

Me: It’s just… You plug in…There’s a file….

Mum: *puzzled face*

Me: It just does.

When my mum was younger she was a great knitter and used to be commissioned to knit for the old English actress Margaret Lockwood and her daughter.
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