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Dont Panic

Dont Panic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mum: I phoned the doctor today and it was shut ‘cos there’s some sort of big emergency.

Me: Mum, it’s Saturday. The doctor is never open on a Saturday.

Mum: Yes, it is. And they said there was a big emergency and that was why they were shut.

Me: But they’re not open on ┬áSaturday.

Mum: Well, I think they open for a few hours.

Me: Mum, you’re wrong.

Mum: I can assure you I’m right. I know what I heard. Phone them for yourself.

(I ring the surgery to hear the recorded message)

Hello, this is the M__ & F__ surgery. We are closed at the moment, but in the case of an emergency, please phone NHS24 on ……..

And she still doesn’t believe me.
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