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A to Whatever

I decided to join in with the A to Z blog challenge on a whim. I didn’t make it to the end. Here are the silly rhymes I did manage for Nettie’s Neuroses: A Humorous look at Phobias. I hope they raise a smile.

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True Romance

I only discovered this morning that it was World Poetry Day. This is what I wrote for it. I started out wanting to write a poem about the Glasgow “scramble” when the father of the bride would release a fistful of coins onto the street for the waiting weans to scramble for as the bride’s car drove off. This is what happened instead.

It started at the dancin wi a lumber

A gangly lad wi acne and a stammer

He said his ma cleaned hooses, da’s a plumber

They lived in Auchenshuggle wi his nana.

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