F2FAlison Wright’s personal story is very moving. Her survival in an horrific bus crash and ensuing long recovery make for difficult – if interesting – reading. Her brush with death and subsequent appreciation of life clearly informs her work in this collection of portraiture from her travels.

Each photograph has a story behind it, a short description of a life, of an encounter and it is due to Ms. Wright’s talent as a photographer that we can see this story in the way she has captured each face in this collection.

I was especially moved by the many photographs of children, of the potential that could be seen in each young face. And in her images of seniors, she has helped us to see the experience and life etched into each wrinkle and blemish. I would be proud to hang a copy of any of these photographs on my wall at home.

It is exceptionally refreshing to see such honest photographs in today’s age of photoshopped ‘beauty.’ Ms. Wright has used light and the environment to subtly bring out the life stories of her subjects.

This is a collection I will return to time and time again. An excellent book.


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