Mitch Turner is newly released from prison and goes to live with his asthmatic brother. Top of his to do list is to find out the truth about his daughter’s death.

When a young girl called Geneva visits him one day asking what the Archangel project is about and what his role in it – and his daughter’s death – is, she sets in motion a dangerous chase between themselves and some very dangerous people.

Geneva was Mitch’s daughter’s friend and is equally driven in her desire to get to the bottom of Archangel and make them pay for the death of her friend.

Geneva had an unusual childhood. Her parents had cut themselves off from society and she was brought up with little contact with the outside world. She now finds herself working with a group of men who share her obsession with finding Archangel.

The relationship between Mitch and Geneva isn’t straightforward: he misses his daughter and she finds it hard to trust anyone after the death of her own parents, but gradually they find a mutual respect and begin to work closely together.

I found the relationship between these characters refreshing. In most thrillers there is a sexual element to every relationship between members of the opposite sex, but in A Conspiracy of Angels, Laurence MacNaughton has given us that of father and wayward daughter between Mitch and Geneva.

The action is believable and I loved that the ‘hero’ of the book was an overweight guy in his 50s.

Conspiracy of Angels is a book which successfully melds together thriller and sci fi, but keeps the story very rooted in the here and now.

I don’t want to give anything away but I think I can safely say that the plot works well with several twists and the characters’ reactions to events are just as you’d expect them to be.

I’d highly recommend Conspiracy of Angels.

If you come back to my blog tomorrow, you’ll be able to read an interview with the very talented Laurence MacNaughton and discover how you could win and ebook of Conspiracy of Angels.

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