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Don’t Talk to me About Life

I look back with nostalgia
To when fibromyalgia
Was merely a good score in Scrabble
When getting up from my chair
Did not make me swear
And I could keep docs away with an apple. 

When at night I could sleep
Pain would not make me weep
And I could stand for a while without crying
When I still had the power
Each day to shower
And not feel as if I were dying 

But times they have changed
And it still feels quite strange
To use a stout stick when I walk
To now not be able
To sit long at a table
Or call up a friend for a talk. 

My life’s getting smaller
You don’t need a scholar
To tell you I’m fed up and weary
It hurts to get crafty
And I feel like a daftie
When life gets me sad and get teary. 

I know things could be worse
But life feels like a curse
Like I did something bad in lives previous
I’ve racked up some bad karma
When I cursed out Big Pharma
And now taking my meds is quite tedious. 

The future seems dark
There is no vital spark
To let me see naught but more pain.
So, I’ll get up tomorrow
Try to tamp down my sorrow
And do it all over again 

and again and again and again…

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You Are What You Eat

This short story was published in Flash Flood Journal several years ago. It is very loosely based on something said in a real life incident. You’ve got to love the internet (and friends who share the weirdness with you).

Trigger warning: this story is very dark, contains bad language, low morals and pigs. Still with me? Good. I hope you enjoy.

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A to Whatever

I decided to join in with the A to Z blog challenge on a whim. I didn’t make it to the end. Here are the silly rhymes I did manage for Nettie’s Neuroses: A Humorous look at Phobias. I hope they raise a smile.