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I wouldn’t say I was anal, but my husband and daughter would. It’s not that things have to be done my way, they just have to be done the right way or at least the most logical way; and I have given an awful lot of reasoned thought to what that way should be.

Let’s take the dishwasher. I think it’s safe to say that there is a sensible way to fill it and a less than sensible way. For instance, you don’t put plastics in the bottom as they get turned over by the force of the water jets; knives go blade down in case you fall into the washer whilst the door is open and the shelf is out; and if I insist on filling the top left with cups and mugs before the right, it’s only because that way I can put the plastic plates I use for biscuits etc in the most sensible place for them. I’ve thought it all out, you see. A lot.

But the thing that gets me most stressed out is the stilly, slap-dash and totally illogical way people deal with their shopping in the supermarket. I always go up and down the aisles, starting at the magazines and books and keeping on until I reach the booze at the end. It’s sensible, reasonable and because I go along every aisle I often see things that I’ve forgotten to put on my list – come on, you knew I had a list.

When it comes time to put the shopping on the conveyor belt, I have a system. First up go the heavies:bottles of pop, juice, canned goods, etc. Then it’s the frozen goods, followed by chilled foods, veg and fruit. I’d then load up pasta, biscuits, rice and bread. Last but not least come the toiletries and toilet rolls. And Polo mints.

This order is not one I’ve come upon on a whim. Oh no! This system is tried and tested and works brilliantly because when it comes time to pack the bags once you’ve paid for your groceries, everything is in the right order. The heavies are all together to go into the sturdiest bags, the frozen and chilled goods all go into the cool-bags, fruit and veg are packed into a cotton tote kept specifically for the purpose, and everything else gets packed into the remaining bags. The Polo mints are always kept to the end so they don’t taint the fresh food with their mintiness.

See? All total logical sense.

But all too often I watch other shoppers put their food onto the conveyor belt willy-nilly, tinned foods beside toothpaste, apples beside soap. It just does not make sense to me.

But like I said before, I’m not anal. I just like things done logically. And whatever you do, don’t get me started on squint road markings.
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