Bullet Journalling seems to be flavour of the month, doesn’t it? Everywhere you look nowadays there are people expounding on the benefits of what its inventor calls the “analog system for the digital age.” Do we need such a thing? Is using a notebook and pen a better way to organise your life than an iPhone app?

Let me first admit that I am a world class procrastinator. I can find more ways of not doing things than you can imagine in a month of lazy Sundays. Of course, there are deep, psychological reasons for my procrastination: lack of self-belief, fear of failure, pain and exhaustion from fibromyalgia and a bad back, laziness… But whether or not I have a valid excuse, the fact is that things slip. I am just about to start a new degree course via the Open University. I graduated in 1982 and since then I’ve got old, ill and lost loads of confidence. I still have odd flashes of being clever, but I don’t trust myself to remember everything that needs done. I obviously need to keep track of everything that’s happened, is happening and should happen, but what was the best way to do it?

I love technology, but I just don’t keep up with time management or journalling apps. It’s too easy to play backgammon or chat on Facebook instead. I have an A5 page-a-day diary but my past experience has taught me that it’s not what I need to get myself in order. As luck would have it, one of the bloggers I read recently published a post about Bullet Journals. My interest was piqued.

It’s quite complicated to explain, but watch the video below and the originator, Ryder Carroll.

Ryder’s introductory journal is fairly spartan and workman-like. But the blog post I read showed me how pretty it could be. I investigated further and found that not only could this time management method get my confuddled arse into gear, it could satisfy my creative urge too. Win-win!

The beauty of the bullet journal system is that you can customise it so it’s perfect for you, your life, your needs, your tastes. I have included the sections mentioned in the video but I also have a couple of pages to see me up to the first assessment of my course. You could use it to keep track of your social media, the novel you’re writing, your kids’ social lives… the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

I heartily recommend having a quick internet search for inspiration. There are so many examples of artistic, colourful journals that have made a significant difference to their owners’ lives.

I have started my journal. So far it resembles the journal above than the one I want it to have, but I have plans! Plans involving stickers and washi tape and coloured pens. The key or legend is important to decide upon. I’ve had a look around and decided to use a modified version of the one Ryder mentions. It’ll all look lovely once I add the colourful stuff.

If you want to know more go to the Bullet Journal website.

Here is the blog post that got me interested in the concept.

The Lovely Desk on Etsy have a lovely range of washi tapes.

No pics of my journal yet. Once it’s got going I’ll come back and let you know how I’ve found it.

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