My short story collection is a whole mix of genres: it may even shock you to know that there’s a couple of romance stories in there too. I know!

But most of what I write tends towards the dark and humorous and I felt the cover should reflect this. I didn’t want to have an image that parodied itself by trying to show too many things at once, so I chose my favourite story from the collection, a tale of horror called ‘And The Angels Cried’, and tried to convey the mood of it. Thanks to Doctor Who in general and the Blink episode in particular, angel statuary has become very scary and seemed the obvious choice as the central image.

Yes, I designed the cover myself. Would I like to have hired a designer? You betcha! But that will be for future publications – I do plan on releasing more – when I have a wee bit of success behind me. Fingers crossed!

Meantime, I’d love to know what you think of my cover.


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