It doesn’t seem a year since the rubbish poem I wrote to celebrate my 50th birthday, but here we are, March 15th and I’m 51.


Good Gawd Almighty! How did that happen? I know they say time passes quickly when you’re having fun, but I haven’t laughed that much, even if the increase in wrinkles laughter lines would suggest otherwise.

Anyhoo, I digress. Writing this post coincides with reading a book about blogging which I’ll be reviewing in due course. But meanwhile, here is the Super Dooper Bestest Ever Blog Post™ containing a little bit of everything I’ve learned so far.

Write About Something That Interests You.

Where do I start? I have so many interests and I occasionally freak out at the thought of everything I’ll never find out about before I die. Yes, I may be a bit weird. I used to panic that I’d forget to tell my daughter that sheep baa-ed and ducks quacked when she was a wee toot. But the book says I should write about something that interests me, so I should pick something and go with it:

vdo1Vincent D’Onofrio.

It also says I should write about my topic with passion, so I’ll amend that:

Phwoar! Vincent D’Onofrio.

Moving on.

Share Your Knowledge And Expertise With Your Readers

Steampunk_spaceship__2_of_3_by_AletheartApparently you, dear reader, like to learn new things from reading blog posts, so be prepared to have your mind blown.

The word ‘astronaut’ comes from the Greek and its literal translation is star sailor. Thinking of this always makes me cry a little, it’s just so beautiful. I imagine steampunk ships, sailing the solar winds, sailors on board using brass aqualungs to breathe in the void of space.

Share Your Real Life Experiences With Your Readers

If you are no stranger to this blog, you’ll probably have shared in way too many of my experiences by now. For instance, my brush with the law or the time I took part in a TV quiz show. I’m not too sure there’s anything more to share that wouldn’t get me locked up…How about this: when I was a wee girl I used to believe that tiny men in white coats lived inside clocks and moved the hands when I blinked. I thought my dolls came alive at night so I never, ever took any doll or teddy to bed. I HATE marzipan.Yeah, I know, enough already.

Readers Love Posts With Lists: The 10 Best…

sherwoodOK, here are the top 10 presents I’d like – it’s my birthday, indulge me.

  1. Book
  2. Scented Candle
  3. Scarf
  4. Green & Black’s chocolate
  5. Nice Shower Smelly
  6. Teddy Bear
  7. Pen
  8. Notebook
  9. Anything Piratey
  10. Anything Star Trekky

I’m not greedy. I don’t want everything on the list. Anything on it would be fine. I have to say that I’m not sure why anyone would care about this, but the book said you would so who am I to argue.

Be A Curator

Blogs whose owners curate collections tend to be very popular. Enjoy the poodles and I’ll see you again next year.

P.S. If this isn’t my most popular blog post ever, I’m asking for a refund.

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