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One of the most important rules of internet usage we teach our children is to never, ever agree to meet up with people we meet online. No matter how nice they seem, how much you have in common and how innocent their requests are, you must never ever take the risk.

So, last week while having a short break in York with my family, I ignored my own advice and met up with some of the lovely people I have met on twitter. The fact that I am sitting here writing this post lets you know that none of them turned out to be a mad axe murderer. Or if they were, they had no opportunity to practice.

I met Becca (@rebeccaebrown), Tracy (@TracyTid), Jens (@Jenku70) and David (@gurusteele) and spent a very enjoyable afternoon in their company. Becca brought along her beautiful, well-behaved children and I got a chance to cuddle a baby – bliss!

It was so lovely to see these virtual friends in real-life and to find out that I liked them just as much in the flesh.

So while I will still tell my daughter she must never agree to meet up with virtual strangers, I’ll do so with my fingers crossed!
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