It’s been a while, I know, and I have all kinds of excuses but no good reasons. Anyhoo, this is a ‘catch-up’ kind of post, so bear with me.*

Firstly, I came third in the FlashBang Fiction Competition and you can read my prize winning story, ‘The Magician’, here.

Secondly, I have a job. Yes, I am now employed on a part time basis with Blockbuster and I LOVE it! I work with a great team and my boss is lovely and I get to enthuse about films. It would only be better if I were to work for Waterstones or an independent book seller (of which there are none in my area).

Thirdly, doesn’t Nick Knowles look like Sid James?


*I had to check on twitter whether it was ‘bear’ or ‘bare’ (I have my stupid head on today) and I got this reply from Karen Wilde aka @wildelycreative. “I’d suppose it depends on mood-lighting and Luther Vandross….…”

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