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I have blogged about my bullying experiences before in two posts: Sticks and Stones One and Two. I spoke about how it was all in the past and that I was fine now. And until last night, I thought I was.

We sat down as a family to watch Neds, a film set in Glasgow in the seventies. I expected to enjoy it as the setting and period were both very personal for me. And that was the problem.

Almost at the very beginning, an older boy warned a bright, quiet young lad about how he would be treated when he moved up to secondary school: he would be tortured and killed. Big talk, maybe, but it was almost word for word the warning I had before I went up to the big school too. I had to ask for the fim to be turned off.

It has brought back all the fears and negative feelings I had when I went through it all in 1974, the year I went to secondary school.

And it seems I just can’t forgive the bastards who did it to me after all.
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