calendarI know I did my final 2014 post a couple of days ago, but I’m in a bit of a strop so I’m going to make you lot suffer too.

What is New Year? A chance to reflect on our successes of the past twelve months? An opportunity to reflect on our mistakes and make changes so as not to repeat them? A time of sober remembrance of all those we have lost? The moment when we must make plans for all the things we want to do or change about ourselves in the year ahead?

No. It’s an administrative reboot of the calendar system, that is all.

If you have a success, celebrate it there and then, enjoy it, share it with those you know will be happy for you.

If you make a mistake, apologise, make amends if appropriate, but don’t wait for a *special day* to do it.

If you have lost someone, I am so, so sorry for your loss. I am sure you have grieved and are possibly still grieving, but you know in your heart they would want you to move on.

If there’s something you want to do, do it. If circumstances allow you to, do it now, then, whenever the desire stirs. If you can, work towards changing your circumstances. If you can’t, accept it and look for another way to achieve something that will take you as close to your goal as you can. Don’t wait for a collectively agreed time to do it. Ignore the date! You get an idea in November? Do it then. June? Go for it. Don’t wait, don’t lose momentum and time when you could be learning a new skill, losing weight, getting fitter, reading more, planning travel…whatever it is you would resolve to do from tomorrow, do it now.

Time is precious, so very, very precious. Infinite in it’s nature, but so limited for each of us. Make the most of it today. Tell those you love what they mean to you, spend time doing what makes you happy and if you want to get mahoosively drunk, one weekend is as good as any other.

Please, please, don’t be maudlin tonight, don’t be sad, don’t sit with regrets, don’t beat yourself up with what you’re not. It’s just a day. Tomorrow is just a day. Make each day special.

Now, go and be happy. Normal ranting will return after the reboot.


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