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Now, we all know how much fun I have finding things I can use as aids to procrastination. I have been known to count the grains of salt on my chips rather than apply my bottom to the chair and get on with writing so when I heard of Pinterest, I wanted in. What fun I could have, trawling the interwebz, looking for cute puppies and fluffy kittens to add to my virtual pin boards. I could even organise all these cute pictures into separate boards: a board for puppies, one for kittens, a small, fluffy and cute collection – the hours I could envisage spending with my new hobby!

And then the little Angel Nettie on my right shoulder cleared her throat and interrupted Devil Nettie’s flow.

“You could always use Pinterest to collect images and inspiration for your WIP.”

“Don’t listen,” said Devil Nettie, digging her heels into my left shoulder. “Think of the puppies!”

“I’m not suggesting you never look at puppies. But you might just have some fun finding images of the characters you should be writing about.” Angel Nettie stroked my hair.”You might enjoy finding pictures of where they live, what the classroom looks like, the sofas they sit onto watch TV.”

Wait a minute, I can have fun using Pinterest AND still class it as research for my novel? I was hooked.

And while I spend time looking for images of my characters and their lives, I am thinking about them, mulling over their conflicts and desires and  working out plot points.

Guilt-free procrastination. To pin is to win!

If you would like an invitation to join the Pinning community, leave your email addy in the comments or write to me using the contact form. You can also just apply to go onto the Pinterest waiting list. www.pinterest.com. If you’d like to see what I’ve been up to, my user name is NettieWriter.
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