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Ferris Bueller takes the day off school and decides that his friend Cameron, should join him. He fakes sickness and when Ferris goes round to Cameron’s house, he convinces him to steal his father’s Ferrari. Together, they hoodwink the school principal into believing that there has been a death in the family of Ferris’s girlfriend, Sloane so that she can join in the escapade. What follows is a day of fun and hijinks involving Ferris managing to persuade a Maitre d’ that he is the Sausage King of Chicago and dancing and singing on a float during a big parade to name but two.

During all of this, his school principal, Mr Rooney, tries to prove that Bueller is faking it and his sister Jeannie, who is tired of Ferris always getting his own way, does what she can to get him caught. She is particularly furious that the entire school believes Ferris to be dying and has a whip round to collect money for a new kidney for him.

Ferris Bueller is a smart-arsed teen who uses his intelligence and charm to run rings round the adults in his life. But you know what? I love him. In Ferris’ world, the adults are shown to be mean and stupid (with the exception of his mother) and deserving of having the mickey taken. He exploits the technology of the day to aid him in his truancy – a reel to reel tape machine and a contraption of ropes and pulleys. He is a generous lad and wants to give his friends some fun before settling down to college and adult responsibilities. Throughout the film Ferris makes asides to the camera, making us feel involved in his plans.

The film is not all fun and laughs. Cameron’s father is distant and cold, caring more for his cars than for his son and his reaction to finally realising this is violent (don’t worry, only the car gets hurt).

There is a cameo by Charlie Sheen playing – what else – a bad boy.

If you are in need of some cheering up and feel like having a duvet day, watch Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and let him show you how it should be done. For me, kids don’t come cooler or more likable than Ferris Bueller
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