In honour of National Flash Fiction Day, here is a short piece I wrote to celebrate.

I also have a story called RumpleFrogHood published later today on FlashFlood. I hope you enjoy them both.

Everyone’s A Critic

‘Quite frankly, the service was appalling. The dishes were filthy – I don’t think they had been washed since the last time – and the fish supreme looked like it had been thrown onto the plate.’

Caspar stretched. “Shocking,” he thought. “I shan’t be patronising this establishment.” He moved on to the next on the list.

‘The food was acceptable but the staff were fawning and watched as I ate each morsel.’

“Better,” he thought, “but I think I might as well dine at the same place as last night.”

Caspar slowly entered the open door and made his way straight to the kitchen where a small child squealed.

“Mummy, look! That cat is back! Can we feed him?”

“Music to my ears,” thought the cat and he purred as he slunk around the legs of the smiling woman who had run into the kitchen. “I suppose I’ll have to send a five star rating to Kitty Advisor about this place,” and he tucked in to some tuna.


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