It has taken me a long time of debating with myself whether or not to self publish my short stories.

Part of me worries that they’re not good enough; part of me worries that I will be tarred with the same brush as some self-publishers who are happy to put their names to low quality drivel. (Please note I said ‘some’ – I have read just as many good self-pubbed books as bad ones.)

But if I don’t have confidence in my own work, how can I expect other publishers to?

So, having spent time going over my fiction and selecting those I truly believe to be my best, “And The Angels Cried and other stories” should be available for the Kindle soon.

My book will be a collection of short and flash fiction and cover a variety of genre from horror to romance, thriller to comedy. I truly hope there is something for everyone in there.

I’ll be posting regularly in the run up to publication, sharing the fun and frustrations of producing my book. I hope you’ll join me in my journey.



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