My mum passed on to whatever is next on the 12th of December. I didn’t make it to her in time as I had to take several stops on the journey because I was so tired and my hands in so much pain. I missed her by less than an hour.

I spent some time with her and she was back in her home town of Glasgow in the early hours of the 13th, still cuddling her teddy.

I have no idea when the cremation will take place. There will be no service. Me, George and Claire are the only family she has left. She has no friends outwith the staff at her care home in Oldmeldrum, Aberdeenshire. Mum was superstitious, not religious. She didn’t go to church, didn’t read any religious texts, didn’t pray. We are atheist/agnostic. I offer no criticism to others who choose differently, but having a stranger talking about her as if they knew her, saying words from which we will receive no spiritual comfort, seems inappropriate and dishonest.

Mum will receive the same care and service as any other cremation and we will bring her home with us for a while before taking her around Glasgow to show her the places she loved. She’ll then go back to Govan, where she was born, and the Clyde will take her back to join the universe again in a different form. This post explains my beliefs much better.

Mum will always be with me. Just in a different form than before.

I’d like to thank all the staff at Westbank Care Home who looked after my mum so well. She lived a lot longer than any of us expected due to their care. I’d also like to thank Angela and her colleagues at Caledonian Cremations who have, so far, shown such care and respect for mum, and concern for me.

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