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Today we are 50. I say ‘we’ but of course, I mean me. You’re probably still only 27 with nary a wrinkle and think age spots are what you get on an old banana. For my birthday post I was going to do the rant about a recent book I read about aging, but my daughter told me not to be ranty and depressing on my birthday, so you can now read that post here. This leaves me with a problem: what on earth can I say about being 50 that doesn’t involve a rant?

I had a think and wrote the following.


What I Learned at 50.

Happy Birthday to me! Yes, I’m 50.
Five decades I’ve spent on this earth.
And what I have learned I will tell you 
I’ll share it, for all it is worth.
I’ve learned that it’s cool to be different
So long as you’re true to yourself.
That Soaps are a waste of the TV
And the best Christmas movie is ‘Elf’.
An education is important
So please pay attention at school
In the words of that 80s deep thinker
Mr T, I, too, pity the Fool.
Be kind to the older and weaker
For that might be you some day soon
While your clock edges on towards midnight, 
Some others will still be at noon.
Have fun! Please laugh and be happy
We’re here on this planet one time
Don’t pass up a chance to make new friends
You know – make hay while sun shines.
Drink wine & eat crisps if you want to
But please eat an apple as well
Take charge of your lives, you’re the boss now.
You’ll make your own heaven or hell.
Try not to bear grudges, they’re poison.
They’ll hurt you more than others, you know.
When you’re hurt and feel let down and angry,
Take a deep breath and let it all go.
That sums it all up, to be honest.
The rest is all mirrors and smoke.
But one last thing I’ll tell you sincerely.
Pepsi is not better than Coke.
And ‘Elf’ IS the best Christmas movie.

gran and me


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