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First, I’d like to thank each and every one of you who bothered to read my blog last night or this morning and leave your vote. I was amazed by the response I had and you have my heartfelt gratitude.

I weighed up all your arguments and gave it loads of thought over tea and cake with Jacky this morning and have come to a decision.

29 Tollbridge Street is a complex story. While I see the narrative as linear, there will be a variety of voices telling the story and in order for it to work I’d have to spend quite a lot of time in planning it out.. Also, the 50,000 word limit would take me around half-way there leaving a sizable portion to finish. But isn’t that the point of NaNoWriMo? I grew up in Glasgow in the 70s and a lot of the research would just involve trawling through personal memories so I would have between now and November for planning.

Jimmy Gingerbeard, on the other hand, will have his story told in around 50,000 words and it would be nice to finish a first draft in November. The story is a much simpler tale and will be loads of fun to write. I already have the closing scene written in my head and it would be nice to write more lightly again. I did a lot of research for the story a few years ago when the idea first popped into my head – I was trying to imagine Captain Jack Sparrow as a Glaswegian – and I can easily carry on from where I left off.

Taking all of this into consideration, weighing up all the points you made and knowing myself, the decision was easy.

So – cue drum roll – the winner is………

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