How fab does my new site look? I liked my old site but it was a bit…serious. I don’t think people who knew me would be look at it and say, “That’s so Nettie!” I wanted something light and fun and colourful, something that reflected me and what I write about.
I designed the header with images from the 1970s that loomed large in my childhood – ah, Donny <3 – and found a funky pink and purple repeating pattern for the background. But that is the end of my creativity. The rest is down to the very talented Gary Parkin at Damfino. It helps that he’s my friend and knows what I like, but he has gone above and beyond what I could have expected. Thanks, Gary!
So what can you expect from me in my new home on the web? I’ll be blogging about writing and sharing some poems and short stories once a week. I’ll obviously be writing a lot about Glasgow and the 1970s as these are the things that shaped me growing up. I have no new stories about my mum, but I’m going to try to remember some of her earlier escapades to share with you, as well as how I’m handling living so far away from her. Twice a month there should be a post on Fibro Friday. If I discover something new and exciting, I’ll post more often. And I have been known to vent my spleen here on the odd occasion so that won’t change.
If there is anything you’d like me to write more about, please let me know here. I’m excited to have a new start and to share it with you. Yay!

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