Rottenrow is a street in Townhead which dates back to medieval times. There is some disagreement over the origins of its name. Some say it is because there was a ‘row’ of rat infested cottages there; others that it was names after the route of the king – Rat-an-righ in Gaelic.

By the mid-20th century the street was filled with tenement slums which were demolished and the area redeveloped as part of the inner city regeneration plan.

Ask any Glaswegian about the Rottenrow and they will automatically think of one thing: Glasgow’s Royal Maternity Hospital. The hospital opened in 1834 and was world renowned for over 100 years. I was born there, in the Snowdrop Ward. A bit later than 1834, mind…

The hospital was demolished around the turn of the millennium and there is a garden there now. Complete with snowdrops.


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