With the passing of the 1832 Cemeteries Act allowing burial for profit, The Glasgow Necropolis was built on a hill to the east of St Mungo’s – Glasgow Cathedral.

Around 50,000 people are interred there although there are ‘only’ 3,500 monuments and headstones. Like most Victorian cemeteries, the Necropolis is laid out like a park and its paths meander across the hilly terrain. The views across Glasgow from the top are incredible and it is worth visiting the cemetery for that alone.

On more than one occasion I have spent a couple of hours just wandering, reading the inscriptions and enjoying the peace and quiet. There are organised tours available and if you get the chance, I’d highly recommend taking one.

If you have ever read Lanark by the fabulous Alastair Gray, you will already be acquainted with his unique take on the Glasgow Necropolis. And in the world of film, you can see this amazing burial ground in Restless Natives, Silent Scream, Post Mortem and Death Watch.




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