patterNo body does an insult like a Weegie. and to prove my point, try using the examples below next time you want to cut someone down a peg or two.

WARNING: the following contains sweary words.

Away n bile yer heid.  Go and boil your head.

Ya big balloon.  You large, pompous oaf.

Ya bampot.  You are an idiot.

Ya doolally basstard.  You are a bewildered soul of uncertain parentage.

Yiv goat a face like a skelped erse.  You have a face like a slapped bottom.

Yir feet ur puir bowfin n they gie me the boak.  Your feet smell and make me feel sick.

Yiv a face like a camel eatin’ sherbet.  Your face looks like a camel partaking of something sour.

Yiv goat a face like a dug lickin’ pish aff a nettle.  Your face resembles that of a dog licking it’s own urine from a stinging weed.

And to hear these insults as they should be spoken…



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