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The Magician: an abra-cada-bra poem.

I’ve just joined a local writing group that meets virtually, once a week. The leader suggests a few different prompts for each meeting, one of this week’s being a ‘magical poem’ of three stanzas with the rhyming scheme abra-cada-bra. I do like a challenge so this is my contribution below. Some of you may recognise the inspiration for this poem, the flash fiction I wrote, also called The Magician. You can read that in my collection of short stories available on kindle.

The Magician

I sense the fear
When nights are dark
And listen for the slightest sound.
What do I hear?

A quick footstep
Is coming near.
Her perfume carries on the breeze,
A startled deer.

My instincts spark.
Her hands are bound.
I make the lady disappear.


Writer, photographer, creative fantasist.

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