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Up To My Knees In Frickin’ Cow Pats: 23/10/20

Today, I want to share with you some of the things I have discovered this week. The world is pretty rubbish just now so I thought I’d find some positives we can concentrate on instead. You’ll still be up to your knees in frickin’ cowpats, but better informed about some fun stuff.


Just this morning I discovered a new-to-me artist, Jo Harrop. She has an amazing sultry, blues voice. You can listen to her singing Why Don’t You Do Right here and she has quite a bit on Spotify too.


Apart from rewatching both Ghost Rider and R.I.P.D., there was nothing this week that caught my attention for long enough. The films I did watch were the equivalent of hot chocolate and a digestive biccie, comforting and with nothing unexpected. I tried to start The Gentlemen but couldn’t get into it. This doesn’t mean it’s bad, Just that I wasn’t in the mood. I want to watch the new version of Rebecca now streaming on Netflix, but the book and original version of the film are so, so good… It has a lot to live up to.


I’m rewatching Schitt’s Creek (Netflix) from the start, an episode before bed each night. It never fails to make me laugh out loud and there isn’t much doing that just now. I watched Roadkill and I’m not sure what I think about it yet. Anyone have an opinion on it they’d like to share?


I am in love with Robert MacFarlane. Underland is one of the most beautiful books I’ve ever read. Take this passage describing the Corso in Italy.

MacFarlane write with such awe, love and respect for his subject and I fall in love anew with his writing with the turn of each page.


Lockdown and the pandemic has made me appreciate the range of things I can learn about on YouTube. I have no idea how their algorithm manages to recommend such a wide variety of odd and marvelous channels to me, but each day on YouTube is a learning adventure. This week I’d like to share

Nicola White – Tideline Art

Her videos are peaceful investigations into the social history of the objects she finds on the Thames foreshore. I’ve learned loads from watching her and found my way to several other mudlarkers via her channel.


In case you thought I had forgotten my ghoulish sensibilities, have a look at Curiosities From The 5Th Corner whose images spark so many story ideas in my head.


I’ve been saddened by the destruction to the ecosystem made by the HS2 works, in particular the number of beautiful old trees cut down in the name of progress. I’ve read a lot about trees and how the communicate with each other, helping each other in times of drought, sending nutrients and messages through the Wood Wide Web of microscopic fungi that connects them under the forest floor. Humankind are a blight on this beautiful planet. Recently, a tree of the year 2018 (I think) was cut down to make way for progress. Here’s hoping that Scotland’s tree of the year for 2020 has a better future ahead.

The garden has done a lot to keep me sane during the past seven months. I’m writing this in front of an anti-SAD light in my north facing lounge and missing watching the antics of the many species of bird which visit the feeders. Luckily, I can still look at amazing images like these to keep me going until springtime.

I have no idea why this story tickled me so much but perhaps you yiddle-ay-ai-de-do?

What have you discovered this week that YOU would like to share?


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One thought on “Up To My Knees In Frickin’ Cow Pats: 23/10/20

  1. Thanks, Nettie. I think we all need a lift just about now. It’s the way we have of getting through this field full of cowpats that’s called 2020.

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