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Happy New Year!

During the last few of weeks of 2017 I had so many plans for 2018. I had a more frequent blog schedule worked out, a local bar has a poetry night once a month I thought about going to and maybe even reading at it, I was going to the cinema at least twice a month, going on short walks with Quilly, meeting up with old friends. Two days in and I’m seriously rethinking those plans due to my health, or lack thereof.

A week before Christmas I woke up in agony. My lower back and hips hurt so much. I had a deep pain down the right side of my stomach, from hip level to groin, and a painful dragging sensation down the top and front of my legs. I wasn’t able to get to the doc’s surgery to register and unless I registered they wouldn’t see me. I resorted to the out of hours doc where my husband had to go and find a wheelchair for me as I just couldn’t walk. Sleep has been disturbed and neither codeine or tramadol is touching the pain. What chance do I have of achieving any of the above in this state? The pain is lessening a little now, but I can’t walk far and standing still is out of the question.

But I’m a ‘glass may be half empty but there’s another bottle in the fridge’ kind of woman, so I’m going to try to make the best of things. I’m sure my friends wouldn’t mind visiting me at the flat, especially with a cute wee dog to smother them in kisses; I have Netflix and Amazon Prime so I can have movie nights from the comfort of my recliner chair; I can share my poetry on here, perhaps even record myself reading it if I was so inclined; and no one but myself knows what my blog schedule was going to be so the only person I’ll disappoint is myself.

If this was a TV Movie Of The Week I’d make a remarkable recovery in the final reel and go on to run marathons in aid of baby iguanas.

I’m not running marathons – yet – but that just means I have more setbacks to overcome before the end credits.

So, here’s to 2018. You may be as big a bastard as 2017, but I’m not finished yet.


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  1. You are completely wonderful in every way. I say so and refuse to be disagreed with. I love the ongoing plan. It may not be the Rolls Royce plan, but I’d prefer a reliable runabout any day of the week xxxx

  2. Tell you what I can do. I go to a poetry reading spot almost every Thursday. If you send me some poems, I can read them for you. You will get full credit, of course. And if you want to start a dialogue with people who have heard them, I can lead them to your blog. What do you think?

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