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Snoozle Slide Sheet Review

One of the major issues for fibronauts is disturbed sleep and never waking refreshed. If you’re anything like me, I wake up every time I change position: already tight, aching muscles seem to scream in complaint when I try to move from one side to the other. And as for getting up…

Facebook, using all its Big Brother algorithms, displayed an advert for the Snoozle Slide sheet on my wall a few months ago, right in the middle of a major flare. It caught me at a low moment and a clicked on it to discover more.

The Snoozle seemed to be simple in its construction, perhaps too simple, I thought. But after reading reviews like these…

I suffer from fibromyalgia and was told about this product I decided to try it as I am always in great pain when trying to turn in bed. I would recommend this sheet as it does make a big difference when trying to turn. Less effort. Less pain. The sheet is fine to sleep on as well

…I thought it was worth a try. I did baulk at the price. £27.90 for a bit of slidey fabric seemed excessive, but like I said, I was bang in the middle of a flare and would have gladly swapped a kidney for some pain relief.

Delivery was fast but when I opened the parcel, I was decidedly underwhelmed. I paid nearly £30 for a tube of fabric that reminded me of a posh shower curtain? Hmmm. Still, I’d paid for it so I might as well give it a try.

That night I positioned the Snoozle on the bottom sheet and lay down as normal. I tried to turn round to switch off the bedside light and found that I just slid round with virtually no effort. I turned back, again with no effort and spent the next few minutes sliding from side to side, giggling like a loon. Yeah, I feel sorry for my husband too. Eventually I got bored and fell asleep.

On waking the next morning I grimaced, expecting the normal pain I had on getting out of bed to discover that there was none. Absolutely none. For the first time in years I was able to get up with pain not being the first thing in my mind. I have to say I don’t have many mornings like that, having used the Snoozle Slide Sheet for months. But it is vastly improved and it does make moving about in bed so much easier.

So, how does it work? The SLS is a tube of white lightweight fabric. The outer surface moves with you as you turn, thanks to the slidey inner side of the tube. This means you use your muscles less and you tense up less which leads, usually, to a better sleep.

I do think the sheet is overpriced and that the company is taking advantage of sick people, desperate for help. But even at the extortionate price, I’ll buy another when this one wears out as the improvement is immense.

You can purchase a Snoozle Slide Sheet here.

Have you found anything that helps you move about in bed?


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4 thoughts on “Snoozle Slide Sheet Review

    1. Hi Fran, sorry for taking so long to get back to you. It’s made of a similar fabric to posh shower curtains. Worth every penny for me though.

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