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Ooh! Shiny! I’m a Scanner! (not the head exploding kind)

All my life I’ve been a dabbler. I discover something new, get filled with passion and enthusiasm about it, go hell for leather for a while and then lose interest. I have umpteen unfinished books, pieces of knitting, cross stitch, clay…. The list is huge. I believed I deserved the dilettante epithet that was so often cast my way and even when in the passion of a new discovery, felt guilty about the long list of interests that had fallen by the wayside.

Then I discovered Refuse To Choose by Barbara Sher. According to Ms Sher, I am not feckless. I am a Scanner and wired to need the constant stimulation of new discoveries. Until relatively recently, people like me were admired. Heck, the Renaissance was built by people like me! While I may lack the genius of Leonardo Da Vinci, I share his range of interests and refusal to stick to just one thing. It doesn’t make me better than Divers (those who find a passion and stick with it), but it certainly doesn’t make me worse. It’s just a case of managing my quirks so I can be a productive butterfly. I haven’t finished the book yet, but I am very impressed so far.

To this end I will be doing a total redesign of my website to reflect my real interests. There will be a new section tentatively called “Ooh! Shiny!” which will contain posts about my many interests as and when they take over. And being creative is fun!

If you are a Scanner like me, I urge you to get Refuse To Choose and embrace your butterfly soul. My pal Gary is a mad Scanner too and you really should go and check out his site here as I believe he is doing a similar project.


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6 thoughts on “Ooh! Shiny! I’m a Scanner! (not the head exploding kind)

  1. Hi Annette
    It would be great to have a twitter/facebook get-together for a drink or ten. Just think of all the subjects you could recite facts about and just think of the fun we could have teasing that strange chap, Gazza!
    : D

  2. I love it that you’re making the most of your ability to take an interest in so many different things, Nettie! Looking forward to the way your blog evolves.

  3. Ha ha! My daughter is exactly this! She flits like a butterfly from one beautifully creative thing to another, but gives everything to each until she discovers another!

  4. This is a great article! I can completely relate to what you are saying- I will check out Barbara Sher’s book – ps blogging is my newest passion!

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