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Forgotten or Dead


A story was reported on the BBC News site today. I’d like you to go and read it here and I’ll wait for you.

All done? How’s your blood pressure? Feeling sick? Feeling enraged? Yeah, me too. But where are the people in the streets? Where are the demonstrations, the placards, the quiet protests, the noisy protests, the civil disobedience or even just letters to the PM?

Let’s just be sure we all know what Alex Wilde has recommended. That the government, the unfeeling, heartless and cynical cabal of the rich, should make cuts to the winter fuel allowance, Christmas bonus and free bus passes for senior citizens. Yet again, the Conservative party has shown a complete and utter disdain for one of the most vulnerable sections of our society. Old and cold? Tough: the government doesn’t care. In fact, die of hypothermia and you’ll save them even more money. Got grandkids? Don’t bother with Christmas this year as you won’t have your small extra payment to help celebrate. In fact, unless your family is nearby and you can get to a local – and usually expensive – corner shop, you won’t be able to get out anyway because Liam Fox wants to take away your free bus pass.

And why does he want to do it now? Because the bastards think that by 2020 you’ll have forgotten who made your life that bit harder or you’ll be dead. This isn’t my interpretation. This is actually what Wilde said. You’ll have forgotten or be dead. Feeling the love from a caring government? No, didn’t think so.

If you are reading this having voted Conservative at the general election and are not feeling totally ashamed of yourself, fuck off. You’re not welcome here. For everyone else, remember what Mr. Fox has said: “We need to do what we all know deep in our hearts to be right.”

What is your heart telling you?

Liam Fox


Writer, photographer, creative fantasist.

One thought on “Forgotten or Dead

  1. I probably shouldn’t comment, Nettie, not being Scottish or UK at all. But this sounds absolutely horrible! I’d love to know where the protests are, too…

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