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Welcome to *DOSBBIS Island, Ailsa Abraham!

I had a lot of interest from friends wanting to share their *DOSBBIS Island Discs with me on my blog and am delighted to hand over to the lovely Ailsa Abraham to kick us off.

Slipped Discs

I so agree with Nettie that personal choice is just that – personal. Like “social media” speaks for itself (don’t get me started on that). So I was chuffed to bits to be invited to share my five choices. Like everyone else in the whole wide world, my choices reflect not only my taste in music but bring back wonderful memories of people and phases in my life.
1 The first is almost inevitable. The Royal Air Force March Past because some of the best times I had in my life were spent in combats. This tune brings a tear to my eye while uplifting my heart without fail.

I almost salute every time!

2 Has been with me all my life. It is the musical equivalent of Orion. As long as I can look up in the sky and see his belt and hounds twinkling down at me, I know that tomorrow will come and it may not be as bad as today. I remember sitting in the cockpit of my boat in the middle of the Helford river, completely alone, listening to this music as the sun set and trying to keep the will to live.

Pachelbel’s Canon in D:

3 Is the other side of me. The friend who knows me best in the world calls me this. Some of the lyrics are pretty apt (she doesn’t know if you’re a boy or a girl) and it has become my theme tune. I often sing it to myself when I’m hurtling around the lanes on my motorbike. I’m one cool dude in my leathers, even if I have six grandchildren and one great-granddaughter … rock it, Lady!

Rebel, Rebel:

4 This takes me to a very important part of my life, my spirituality. Despite having been pagan for most of it, I’ve taken a huge interest in all world religions, which is why I wrote Shaman’s Drum. This gorgeous music reminds me of all the wonderful Catholic friends I have. If I really were on a desert island I would listen and see my beloved Father Léon who welcomes me to his Mass and encouraged me to use my healing skills in the Rosary Team, even though I officially play for the other side (big time). It would remind me that it is what people DO, not what they call themselves that matters and I’d smile thinking of the enormous range of people of faith or none who have been kind to me. I’d sing along to the Great Spirit and probably cry.

Non Nobis, Domine:

5 I was going to include some punk to reflect my Punk Goth style when I’m out in my leather, silver studs, collar, boots, the kit and enough eye make-up to sink a battleship … but that would be forgetting my roots. I can fling myself around the island going native to some of this, the finest tribal drumming in the world. The unmistakeable and unforgettable Albannach from my homeland.
It was that or the end of the Military Tattoo and that would make me weep. This will just make me remember who I am and exult in it.


Gosh this has been such fun. Thanks Nettie for inviting me. We must do something like this on my blog one day.
Ailsa Abraham, author of award-nominated Shaman’s Drum.Available here to buy in eBook or paperback.
*DOSBBIS is Deserted Off Season But Busy In Summer


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6 thoughts on “Welcome to *DOSBBIS Island, Ailsa Abraham!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Jacqueline. I am glad you like the blog idea and doubly glad you like Ailsa’s post as much as I do.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Jacqueline. I am glad you like the blog idea and doubly glad you like Ailsa’s post as much as I do.

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