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I’m Moving!

Lovely, lovely readers, I am on the move.

My Blog address isn’t changing, but I am moving to a self-hosted site so I can take advantage of the flexibility of This means that until such times as I finish building my new web-site, this one may disappear. I hope to be up and running within no more than two weeks – it’d be a lot sooner but my Meldrum Media clients come first.

When I launch my new site I hope to keep to a more regular and frequent blogging schedule – whether that’s good or bad thing is for you to decide.

To all the wonderful people who subscribe to my site via WordPress, please join me when the move is completed. I have appreciated your ongoing interest and support more than you know and I hope you’ll enjoy my new site.

In the meantime, here is a poodle. You’re welcome.




Writer, photographer, creative fantasist.

6 thoughts on “I’m Moving!

  1. Aww…… what a lovely wee one! And I am so eager to see your new site! Good luck making the move.

  2. I hope it works out for you – I was trying to pluck up courage to go the .org route myself but I’m not sure I know enough yet. Good luck with the new site!

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