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Z is for ZZZZZzzzzzzzzz…

I was going to write this final post in the A to Z Challenge about Glasgow Zoo and the various small ‘zoos’ which existed all over the city in the 19th and early 20th centuries, but I am totally sick of the sound of my own voice and by. now, I’m sure I have sent you to sleep with my Weegie prattling. Zzzzzzzzzz…..get it?

So instead, I thought I’d summarise what I’d learned about blogging daily.

  1. It’s hard. Seriously. Trying to write something interesting every day is a discipline. It’s almost like being a writer…
  2. It’s fun. I did enjoy it. Kind of. I liked researching WikiWeegie (I made that up, but now I feel like there needs to be a WikiWeegie. Anyone up for it?) and I learned loads of stuff about my city that I didn’t know and reminded myself of things I had totally forgotten.
  3. I find it easier to write non-fiction. Who knew? While it did take time, if I’d been trying to produce a similar number of words of fiction each day I’d never have managed it.
  4. No matter how long I live in Aberdeenshire, I’ll always be a Weegie. I’m sure this would be true wherever I lived, but if someone would like to finance a year in Tuscany, purely as a social experiment, I’m up for it.
  5. I really enjoy making people laugh. I may give up my plans to be queen of literary fiction and just write a sit-com instead. ‘Cos genre fiction can’t be literary, can it…? And paper books are better than ebooks. And the gatekeepers are bastards.
  6. I like winding people up.
  7. I’m looking forward to blogging about something different. Yes, I love Glasgow and it’s foibles, but there are a few rants I’ve been keeping to myself for a month now and I’m just about ready to explode.

Thank you for sticking by me in April. And many thanks to all the new subscribers who followed my blog during the challenge month. I do hope you’re not disappointed when the blog goes back to what my therapists call normal.

Now for gawd’s sake, someone put the kettle on and make us a cuppa.

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18 thoughts on “Z is for ZZZZZzzzzzzzzz…

  1. It has been hard work this month. It’s been great seeing how everyone has been approaching it as well. All in all I’ve enjoyed it. I look forward to going back to a steadier pace now.

  2. Nettie – What a great end to this challenge. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning about Glasgow and you. Thanks too for sharing some of what you’ve learned about daily postings. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with feeling a lifelong connection with Glasgow – once a Weegie, always a Weegie…

  3. I agree, Nettie – I found it interesting to write non-fiction for a change and it has been great reading the few that I have got around to. Cup of tea coming right up and … yes, looking forward to getting back to non-genre topics. Yours have been great, hon.

  4. I have loved reading all about Glasgow (well, I am a Weegie too so I guess that’s not much of a surprise) and am sad that your A to Z is over BUT I do know how hard it is to blog every day so a big CONGRATS from me for managing to do it all 😀 C x

  5. I never “got sick” of your writing about Glasgow or your sense of humor. Bravo for getting all the way through the challenge and skip the cuppa, have some wine. Eliza Sarah Graham

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