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O is for Grand Ole Opry

GOOWhat is the first thing that springs to mind when you think about Glasgow? Gangs? Violence? Witty banter and a certain sense of style? I bet it isn’t country and western music but Glasgow, in common with many working class cities, has a long tradition of cowboys. There is even a shop with the risqué title of Skin Style which specialises in the attire required by the well-dressed gun-slinger.

A big part of this country and western tradition is Glasgow’s premier (only) country club, The Grand Ole Opry on Paisley Road West.

Twice each month there is a gun club where they have quick draw competitions and there are regular line dancing classes too.

A finalist in the Scottish Entertainment Guide awards as Best Live Venue, the club attracts many country and western bands and singers and, I am told, there is always a great atmosphere and a good night out to be had there.

Hmm, I’m not that interested in cowboys (despite my favourite mug having cowboys on) but when Glasgow opens a Pirate Club, they can count me in.

Check out the club’s Web Page and Flickr stream. You can even have a titter at Chewin’ The Fat’s take on the Glesga Cowboy.




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4 thoughts on “O is for Grand Ole Opry

  1. Nettie – I didn’t know that about Glasgow! How very cool! I am loving learning about your home town.

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