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Iain Banks

I’ll never forget how I felt when I turned the last page of The Wasp Factory. I was stunned. Stunned by the talent, the story telling, the words I had just read. Iain had take me to a strange, troubled and disturbing world from where I didn’t want to leave.

And I still don’t.

Although I’m not a lover of the Iain M Banks novels, the man just doesn’t know how to write a bad book. God, I’m going to miss him.

You can tell from the pics below how proud I was to meet him at Wordfest in 2011 and have him sign my daughter’s copy of The Wasp Factory and my copy of Transition.

Let’s all send a prayer, a vibration to the universe to hope the man has peace and love in his final months.






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6 thoughts on “Iain Banks

  1. Well said, Nettie. I’m still in shock since hearing the news this morning. Like you, Wasp Factory was my introduction to Iain Banks and what an introduction it was. Thoughts are with him and his new wife.

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