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B is for Barlinnie

We didn’t live too far from Barlinnie prison in Glasgow. There was always someone whose “da had gone up to the big hoose” while the younger members of the family went to the local borstal. The prison was a big part of east end life. We even had a wee song we used to sing about it.

Barlinnie Prison

Ah wannie go hame, ah wannie go hame 

Tae ma wee hoose in Barlinnie

An when a get there ah’ll pull up a chair,

an waash ma face in a tinny

The porridge is great, ye dont need a plate

Ye only need a hammer an a chisel

Ah wannie go hame, ah wannie go hame

Tae ma wee hoose in Barlinnie




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8 thoughts on “B is for Barlinnie

  1. I was brought up not far from Barlinnie too,in fact I used to date a prison officer’s son and he lived right next to prison. Not hear the song but its very funny.

  2. Nettie – I love that song! And there is definitely something about having a prison nearby that affects the local culture.

  3. Oh that is lovely! What is the tune? When I lived in Leeds the local prison was Armley so when Dire Straights brought out Brothers in Arms, the footie fans used to sing “My brother’s in Armley” which in most cases was true! Loving your posts. xx

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