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A is for Annette

Jacqueline Beer
Jacqueline Beer

Annette was a popular name in the 50s and 60s thanks to the pre-Britney Disney Princess Annette Funicello. Mum says I was named after the actress, dad said it was after his sister, Annie. Whichever was true, my middle name came from a character on mum’s favourite TV show, “77 Sunset Strip” called Suzanne Fabray played by Jacqueline Beer. To my dying day I will be grateful that she wasn’t a fan of Gunsmoke: Festus or Chester wouldn’t have gone so well with Annette.

My second cousin had a baby when she was very young, a wee girl she named after her favourite perfume. Ysatis. Ysatis McCulloch. Thank gawd she was never a fan of Tramp.

Hmmm…maybe Annette Festus McDevitt wouldn’t have been so bad after all.


Writer, photographer, creative fantasist.

13 thoughts on “A is for Annette

  1. Nettie – What a great story – the story of your name. I love it! Interesting isn’t it how everyone’s name has a story…

  2. Hillarious and so true. Your parents had good taste. Everyone wanted to be Annette Funicello.

  3. If it makes you feel any better, my mate works with new mothers and one had actually called her child Versace…can you imagine the slagging off that poor wee kid is going to get!?

    C x

  4. It’s entertaining to find where our names came from….I was named after the butcher’s daughter who was a year old by the time I was born, because Mum could not think of any family name she liked at the time.

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