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It’s not the winning, is it?

mf4jFRqSeveral years ago, a writing group colleague and I held a writing competition for children. It was a huge success and we were able to offer wonderful prizes for the kids who won. But my goodness, it was hard work.

We made loads of mistakes but we learned loads too. And when we ran it for the second time, we made yet more mistakes, just different ones. Once again, we learned from our slip ups.  Since then I have run a number of smaller competitions too and each one has been easier to run than the one before.

But what would I have given at the start for a book which set out all the areas I’d have to remember to think about?

I couldn’t find one then. I believe that my experience of  learning everything the hard way could help you to run your competitions, so I am writing “How To Run A Successful Writing Competition” and I’m asking you for some help.

Today I am posting the first of a few surveys in which I’m trying to quantify how writers feel about competitions. Future surveys will cover judging, prizes and rights.

I would appreciate you filling this survey in. It will only take a couple of minutes and all responses are anonymous.

Thank you.

Click here to take survey


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