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This post starts with a dream, but it gets better so please say with me.

Last night I dreamed that my mum needed a new kettle. We went to an electrical appliance shop where she fell in love with a stove-top kettle. Having an electric hob, I tried to explain to her that not only would it take far too long to come to the boil, it would probable be expensive to run. At this point the sales lady butted in that it wasn’t as bad as you think because if you bought this particular appliance, you could get any other appliance worth £36 free.

In the real world it’s a full-time job explaining to my mum that “one for £10, two for £16” type offers aren’t a bargain if you don’t need two – you’re just spending another £6 for something you neither want nor need. I started with this explanation to mum in my dream and the sales lady started to get quite shirty with me. At this point, a man came up and shoved me for upsetting the sales assistant. I was FURIOUS grabbed the man by his coat and shouted the explanation to him, shaking him as I did so. What? I was repeating myself. Again.

Anyhoo, still with me? Good.

Just at that moment, who should walk by but Kevin Bacon. He saw me haranguing the other customer and simply shook his head.

I had disappointed Kevin Bacon.

I have never felt so ashamed.

I later managed to find him and explain what had happened, but I got the feeling that Kevin never really believed me.

When I woke up this morning I decided that in future, before I did anything I felt could remotely be wrong, I would ask myself, “What would Kevin Bacon do?”

And now I’m asking you to do the same.

Since it’s Friday I thought it would be fun to play a hashtag game. Simply tweet a dilemma where you would want to ask yourself #whatwouldkevinbacondo and include the hashtag in your tweet

I’ll be playing on Twitter  as @nettiewriter but if you’d like to take part and don’t use Twitter, leave your suggestions in the comments and, so long as they are under 140 characters and include ‘#WhatWouldKevinBaconDo’, I’ll tweet them on your behalf.

And to start the ball rolling, here is my first suggestion:

“Four guests, three slices of cake. #whatwouldkevinbacondo”

I KNOW you can do better.




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