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A week to go…

… and I’m not sleeping.

The first flush of confidence about And The Angels Cried has gone and left in its wake a quivering mess of insecurity, nerves and nausea. Have I made a mistake? Will anyone buy it? And if they do, will they leave nothing but 1* reviews on Amazon?

I am sure that traditionally published authors have similar worries and anxieties, but the self-publisher doesn’t have the security of knowing that someone believes in them: their publisher, their agent, their mother…

I have gone over my work time and time again. I have checked and double checked the formatting and apart from one problem in the list of contents that nothing seems to fix, I can find nothing wrong with it. I have had positive feedback on each story in the collection, but…

We’ll see how things  pan out over the coming week. Now, where did I put that bottle opener…




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6 thoughts on “A week to go…

  1. Aw, Nettie. Worrying times. I am currently just about to send novel chaps and synopsis out to publishers… tomorrow. I shall be feeling sick for the next few weeks until I know what’s happening. If there’s anything left in your bottle, please pass in my direction 😉 Sending hugs and buckets of self-belief in your direction. And just remember, you did it, Nettie. You put together a whole book of stories – just you. No one can ever take that away from you xx

  2. Nettie,
    I know I’ve been busy these last few days and haven’t been in touch, but I do think you are doing the right thing. And also you are taking a leap into the unknown. The nerves are natural. Embrace them and wait and see. I think you may be pleasantly surprised!
    Have faith in yourself, I know I do!
    Lots of love.

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