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Dipping A Toe in the Self-Published Water

It has taken me a long time of debating with myself whether or not to self publish my short stories.

Part of me worries that they’re not good enough; part of me worries that I will be tarred with the same brush as some self-publishers who are happy to put their names to low quality drivel. (Please note I said ‘some’ – I have read just as many good self-pubbed books as bad ones.)

But if I don’t have confidence in my own work, how can I expect other publishers to?

So, having spent time going over my fiction and selecting those I truly believe to be my best, “And The Angels Cried and other stories” should be available for the Kindle soon.

My book will be a collection of short and flash fiction and cover a variety of genre from horror to romance, thriller to comedy. I truly hope there is something for everyone in there.

I’ll be posting regularly in the run up to publication, sharing the fun and frustrations of producing my book. I hope you’ll join me in my journey.




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28 thoughts on “Dipping A Toe in the Self-Published Water

  1. Nettie – Oh, I am so excited for you! I can’t wait to read your stories! Self-publishing is fraught with issues, but so is a lot of other publishing, too. I’m happy for you that you have enough confidence in your writing to give others a chance to read it too. And you’re right to do it – you have talent!!

  2. Good luck with your new venture! I’ve been checking out all options for my manuscript (as well as future planned books)… not sure yet which way to go. Keep us posted on your progress with self publishing! I wish you well. 🙂

  3. As someone facing going down the same route wrt my novel, Exiles, I’m going to be following your self-pub activities with interest.

    Publishing your own e-books for short stories may prove more appropriate than going straight into print. After all, you can choose the length of the ebook vs the price much more flexibly than with a print edition. And dipping into an ebook of shorts may prove more attractive to readers in certain circumstances.

    Have you obtained your ISBN numbers yet? Interested to know what sort of block size you’ll plump for? A single ISBN, a block of ten or a block of 100?

    1. As I’m not intending to produce any physical copies of the book, I wasn’t going to bother with ISBN on this occasion. If anyone actually buys it and I do a second volume, it’s something I’d certainly do.
      Pricing is a problem: 99p and you make 35% rpyalties, £1.49 and you make 70%, but will anyone be prepared to pay that for 14 stories, some of which are Flash Fiction?

  4. Wishing you so much luck with this. It’s obvious you have pride in your work and want to present the best you can. The fall down with some self pubbers is the rush. I think you will do brilliantly.

  5. I will happily pay 1.49 of whatever that symbol is to read your stuff. And I kind of think anyone who would pay .99 of those things would do the same. Go for it and let me know when it’s available for download purchase.

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