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No one expects…

Another Tesco trip, this time with my daughter as well as mum.

Mum: So, will you remember to order one of they nighties from Markies for me?

Me: Yes, Mum. I’ll do it tonight.

Mum: I’ve got loads of pyjamas, but I don’t like them as much. I don’t like feeling anything between my legs in bed at night.

Me & Claire:…


Mum: I need to defrost my fridge. It’s all icy.

Me: You know, mum, that if you put all your frozen stuff in a clean bin bag and then wrap it in your duvet, it’ll help keep it cold so you can get the defrost done and not lose all your food.

Mum: My duvet?

Me: Yes, your duvet. It’ll act like a thermos flask – keep stuff cool or hot.

Mum: But I’ll want to go to bed.

Me & Claire: …


copyright of Annette S Thomson

Claire: Gran, what would you do if I turned into a bee?

Mum: *thinks for a bit* I’d get you out of your bad habits. Hahaha – I bet you didn’t expect that!

Me: *muttering* No, Mum. No one ever expects you or the Spanish Inquisition.

Claire: Gran, what bad habits? Stinging or just being stripy?

Mum: …



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23 thoughts on “No one expects…

  1. Ha ha! Your dort sounds like she’s heading your mum’s way, with you sandwiched in the middle. You have so much sitcom material on your hands, Nettie, it’s untrue. Love the defrost tip too – mine needs doing – never thought of the duvet thing before!

  2. God love her – I am thinking that you are your mother’s daughter. Perhaps her tongue in cheek responses are a bit of a giggle for her or at least I’d like to think so.

    I remember my crafty auntie asking my brother-in-law, Peter, at a wedding “Would you pass the salt (dramatic pause) Peter?”

  3. I love coming here for a good laugh. My MIL used to call every man “a right character ” not in a good way, we always laughed she even called the Dr that. We still use that phrase in jest today.

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