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The Rabbi In The Attic by Eileen Pollack

The Rabbi In The Attic is a collection of short stories written by Eileen Pollack who covers a wide range of topics .

In The Rabbi In The Attic, Eileen Pollack has brought together a collection of short stories which although written from a Jewish woman’s viewpoint, are so filled with humanity and universal truths that there is something in there for everyone.

There are stories examining the relationships between parents and child, between the old and new traditions and in the titular story between orthodoxy and progressive rabbis.

There are two stories which look at the beginning of the working life of a young girl and the relationship she forms with a school teacher and then how the relationship changes when she is a grown woman, two snapshots of the same life showing how no matter how much things change, there are some values and people which never change.

My favourite story is the Rabbi In The Attic and I felt deep sympathy with the young female rabbi and for the old, orthodox man whose entire identity was wrapped up in the old, traditional ways.

If you are looking for a short story collection to dip into, you could do a lot worse than choose this fine collection by Eileen Pollack.

You can buy The Rabbi In The Attic from Amazon UK, Amazon US and Waterstones. The author’s website is here.


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